Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take Over

“Will you take over? Will you take over? Will you take over me?”

This is the chorus from one of my very favorite Aaron Shust songs, Take Over. I listened to it over and over today as I was sewing, and as I sang along, I truly meant the words I was saying.

I am such a hindrance to myself. I am so clumsy and lazy and contrary. But Christ in me is so perfect. He allows me to be free of myself and my attitudes and my restrictions. He allows me to love when I feel like being bitter. He allows me to speak when my fear would make me silent. He allows me to forgive when I feel like hurting.

I don’t always allow Him to take over. Sometimes I think my will is just too strong for Him to manage, so I let it take over. Sometimes my ways of thinking are just too comfortable so I allow them room.

My Lord never makes me obey. He gives me the power to do it, but He never forces me to do anything. He wants me to love Him out of my own free will—my will that He has taken over. He desires my obedience out of my yearning to honor Him. Christ never demands a take- over, but sometimes I do.

Lord, may I allow you to take over all of me; my mind, my heart and my spirit. You must become greater. I must become less.

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

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