Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Favorites

OK, this is the piece that will published soon, and I know it is nothing spectacular, but it conveys a simple idea that a child could easily grasp and remember. I plan to write and submit more as soon as I can. Here goes:

No Favorites
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by Tori Haverkamp

My brothers and sisters, you are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. So treat everyone the same.

James 2:1 (NIrV)

Mom said I couldn’t pick out the orange ones. But I do like the orange ones best.

In the summer, before we go on a hike around the lake, Mom makes trail mix. She always throws in nuts, raisins, and my favorite, M&M’s. I like to pick out the orange M&M’s and eat them first, but Mom said I couldn’t do that because I was showing “favoritism”. Favoritism means treating one thing, or one person, as more important than another.

Sometimes, when I’m at school, or playing football for my team, I pick favorites; you know, the people that are funny or have cool shoes or are great at tackling. But God says we need to love everyone the same. He said that He came to save ALL people, not just the cool ones. The people that wear old clothes are just as important as those who wear new. The kids who look differently, act differently, or smell differently than me are still the apple of God’s eye—just like I am. I need to love these people like God loves them. Then maybe they will see Jesus by looking at me.

So today when I grab a handful of trail mix, I will remember that God doesn’t have favorites. He loves everyone the same. Then, I will pick out ALL of the colors of M&M’s and eat them one by one. Yum!

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