Saturday, April 30, 2011

50 Days

“Daily discipline is the door to full freedom…”

-Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts

I like this quote.

I think it’s true.

For me, daily disciplines create order, joy, and predictability.  The disciplines themselves help me to override my natural tendencies to be lazy, to think wrongly, and to prioritize badly. 

One of these disciplines lately, has been daily posts to my blog.  I wanted to see how many days straight I could post something here.  This little experiment stretched me, surprised  me and made me write when I didn’t feel like writing (thus overriding my own desires).  It allowed me consistency in an area where I wasn’t entirely certain I could be consistent.  But I can!  I can!  And now that I have proven that to myself after 50 days of posting, I am not going to force myself to post every day.  It may happen that I decide to do it anyway, or it may happen that I enjoy a little time off.  Right now, I still have lots of ideas floating around in my brain, so they may be coming out soon—stay tuned!

So, anyway, it’s been a blast—a 50 day blast—and now I am free to be myself—and give my keyboard a little break. 


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