Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time Rules All

(This also is from the 90’s archives.  Apparently I was feeling a little rushed then.  I had a child in ‘91,93,’96 and ‘98.  That entire decade is a blur to me.)


Razzled, frazzled, crazy, flustered, turning, breathless.  Rapid breathing, rapid beating. Time is going. Time is fleeing.  Never to return.

Quick now, run now, speed is of importance. 
Don’t just stand there!  Be productive.  Be effective.  Be successful. Come now, don’t be slow.

Hurry! Hurry! Must not tarry!  Rush, fast, hasten. Time is wasting.  Can we catch it?

Time as enemy.  Time as friend.  Time elusive.  Day must end.

Fall in bed.  Spinning head.  Burning ulcer. Palpitations.  Sleep cannot be found.

Lay there. Turning, tossing, cursing.  When will life slow down?

Up now.  Reading, walking, eating.  Midnight comes and goes.

3 a.m.. Sleep arrives…close those eyes…and peaceful, floating, time suspended, flying, feeling free.  Rest has finally come and has nestled deep inside your being.

Blaring noise!  Constant beeping!  6 a.m. alarm.  Here it comes.  Time is ticking, clicking, counting down the hours.

Get up NOW you sleepyhead!  Be productive!  Be effective!  Be successful!  Don’t be slow!

Razzled, frazzled, crazy, flustered, turning, breathless…

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  1. totally thought the title of this was 'tori rules all.' and that would not be inaccurate.