‘member that time?

You think it’s been cold here?  Minnesota’s colder!  Grab a parka and read on:

‘member when we lived in Minnesota and Dad was always afraid that we were going to get cold?

And member how he made us wear boys’ long underwear? And member how when you bent over at school, kids always said, “You’re wearing boys underwear!” in a sing-songy, taunting kind of way? And member how embarrassing that was?

And member how I always tried to use my meanest voice and say, “I am not!”, but I couldn’t roll up my pant legs to show them because I always had big snowmobile boots on? Member that?

I’m glad I don’t live in Minnesota anymore.

The kids are mean there.

It’s ‘member that time Monday again!  Check out http://teamvanvoorst.blogspot.com/ for more memories!


  1. my sister still wears long underwear most days in the winter. you guys should team up and fight crime.


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