Saturday, April 2, 2011

Babysitting my Stainless

So what man (who never works in the kitchen) designed stainless steel appliances?  Especially those nice stainless fridge door handles.  If you have stainless appliances, like I do, you have my deepest sympathy; didn’t we all think we were being all modern and stuff-- putting big silver machines in our kitchens.  BAD IDEA. 

Since my stainless steel appliances arrived last spring, It’s like I have another child.  They require so much cleaning and buffing and polishing (not that I clean and buff my children—that is obvious from the last post, but you know what I mean) and then it’s time to actually use them again.

Anyway, so if I like miss a day or two here, you know where I am—in my kitchen, babysitting my stainless.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Never buy stainless steel appliances from a suave character wearing gloves.   

Beware or babysit—it’s your choice.

And now you know.


  1. Some thoughts on stainless steel: I hated mine at first, but it seems much better now. I think all stainless is different, so cleaning products also vary in effectiveness. The product that works best on my frig (Samsung) is vinegar and water. Someone also suggested WD40 on rag to wipe it off with. It worked pretty well, but smelled like a garage. I predict that the next appliances we buy will be bright colors, in light of the fact that now we chose from black, white or stainless.

  2. A light coat of pledge works wonders

  3. this is the one thing i dread most about my new kitchen. while they're brand new and very pretty, i can just see tiny finger prints all. over. them.

    all the time.


  4. I use Weiman Stainless Cleaner (from K-Mart). It works great and reduces the cleaning I have to babysit. It came highly recommended from a friend. Also, I got the stainless look refrig. and that helps on that appliance.