Monday, May 23, 2011

‘member that time?

Enjoy this little memory from our 2010 family trip to America’s last (or in our case, lost) frontier…

‘member that time when we were in Alaska and we got lost trying to backpack to Denali?  And 'member how we had no idea where we were but since we were so exhausted from bushwhacking our way into the wilderness, we just decided to camp out in the middle of nowhere?  ‘member that? 

And member how I couldn’t sleep the whole night because I was sure one of us was going to have a life- threatening emergency and we had no idea where we were and no idea of how to get back to civilization? 

Yeah.  Well, no one died that night, but I was super tired the next day when we walked through the swamp.

We never did find Denali. But at least no bears ate us. 

And we finally found our car.

It’s ‘member that time Monday again!  Get over to and share your own sleepless memories!

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