Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coleyboy’s Conundrum

It’s August now, and that means two-a-days for high school football players like Cole (whom I affectionately call “Coleyboy”).

Because of his extreme practice schedule in the heat, Cole has been doing lots of eating, drinking and sleeping, but apparently not much laundry.  Case in point:

One day, after a particularly grueling scrimmage, Cole came home and showered, then proceeded to walk around in swimming trunks and a blanket.  It kind of looked like he was wearing a very large cape.  When I asked him why he was just wearing his swimsuit and a blanket for his attire that day, he said, “I don’t have any underwear.” And, being the responsible mother that I am, I suggested that he do some laundry, to which he responded with “I’m too tired.”  I did, however, notice that he wore pants to football practice the next day—rather than just swimming trunks and a blanket.  So, maybe he skipped his nap and actually washed some dirty clothes. or maybe he just stole some from his jet-lagged brother. I guess we’ll really never know the truth.

Welcome to my world.

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