Monday, August 22, 2011

‘member that time?

‘member when I was little and we didn’t have any cup-holders in the car?  And member how I would always beg Mom for a chocolate shake when we would stop at the hamburger place?  And how she let me get one EVERY SINGLE TIME…and how I kept it between my feet on the floor and spilled it  EVERY SINGLE TIME…and how she got mad EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Well, Mom, I can think of some solutions for this problem:

1.  Don’t let your kid get the shake.

2.  If she does get the shake, drink it OUTSIDE of the car

3.  If she does get the shake and she gets in the car, make her hold it in her lap.  Ignore any whining about being cold.

4.  Put a TOP on the cup. What a great idea!

5.  Do what I did with my kids when they ate anything messy: put her in the bathtub naked when you arrive at home…then, give her the shake and spray her off when she is done.

6.  Or, just get her water.  Water is not sticky and does not stain.  She will not like this solution until you tell her it is the only way to keep you from yelling.

So, there you have it; a ‘member that time and an advice column all in one.  And, by the way, Mom, I have at least 8 cup-holders in my car now and my kids still manage to spill their shakes on the floor.

I think it’s genetic.

It’s ‘member that time Monday! (Carefully hold your drink in one hand and check out Paige’s blog with the with the other.)

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