Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August Rush

I’ve been struggling to post this month.  Here’s why:

I got a new cat and took it to the vet for rabies shots in the same week that I took my old cat to the vet to be put to sleep. I replaced Shay’s light in her closet while she was counseling at kids’ camp because it had been burnt out for 3 months and she couldn’t see what she was wearing. I bought chocolate milk and fruit snacks and Gatorade for Tess and Shay who were doing 2-a-day cross country practices and nuts and apple juice for Shay who was doing band camp between these two practices.  During this time, I also brought Shay her instrument which she forgot when she was going to band camp.  You can read about that here. I also purchased fudgesicles for the littlest mountain goat (that’s what we call Cole since the hiking trip) to eat after his day-long mowing jobs (our yard and the neighbor’s).  I had breakfast in the park with my parents, my sister, my niece and my family.  After that, my sister and I got our groupon manicure/pedicures.  But before that, Brent and I had to go to Target on our date night because I had to buy a fake toenail because my toenail on my right foot fell off (again!) and while we were there, Brent said, “They actually sell those?”  And I said, “Yes.”  And to work off that breakfast and the fudgesicles, I have been going to boot camp at 5 am, except the one morning that I went at 9:30 am so that I could be on TV for some feature on the news.  The reporter that worked out beside me at 9:30 that day said, “Holy Cow!” a lot in kind of disgusted sort of way.  We had a bonfire with the neighbors and instead of s’mores, we had these things called popovers where you take a marshmallow and you put a Reese’s PB cup in it, then you wrap biscuit dough around that.  Then you cook this concoction over the open fire until it looks done.  We all ate them and said, “mmm, these are so much neater than s’mores.”  I designed 4 D6 programs for the book of Judges and you gotta love it when the children’s program is about Jael pounding a tent peg through Sisera’s skull.  I also wrote 12 chapters of a study guide for a 36 chapter book that we will be teaching for women’s Bible study this year.  I wasn’t aware that the book had 36 chapters when I eagerly offered to produce said study guide. I accompanied Tess to our backyard for her senior picture session.  I visited Wheatsfield and bought some hard red wheat berries for $.99/lb and I ground these up in my fancy blender until I had flour then I baked homemade bread from this and it was gooooood.  I packed up my firstborn son’s possessions in my suburban and followed him in his green buick to Iowa City where he started his 2nd year of college.  Soon, he will be 20.  20!  wow, I must be getting old.  I attended D6 teacher’s training, TSC coaches training, women’s ministry planning meetings,  and ate at El Azteka with my friends a few times.  I went to a super duper fun craft/social/hang-out day at another dear friend’s house and made these little tile blackboard things that I am supposed to put up on my fridge so everyone will know the menu during the week, but I haven’t put them up yet because I don’t have magnets and if I put them up, it would require me to have a menu in advance.  I made lots of yogurt, ate lots of ice cream and went to Tropical snow, but only once.  I also bought my littlest son size 13 sneakers and measured him because he was looking as tall as me.  Oh, and the kids also started school…and homework…and full time sports.  I watched THE HELP, TRUE GRIT, and part of LETTERS TO GOD and we cleaned our garages and went to Orange Leaf to tell ourselves good job.  But I didn’t get a nap on the hammock on any of these beautiful evenings…but I want to.  Maybe tomorrow.

I’m glad September is almost here.  Maybe I’ll get busy and write more regularly while I am waiting for my toenail to grow in.

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