Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Truth on the Beach

Since we were at the lake this weekend, and since I sat—almost immovable—from my beach chair reading for most of the gorgeous daylight hours, I completed two books.  One was Northanger Abbey—since I am a Jane Austen fan and I had never read this early work of hers (this was like sweet candy for my brain), and the second was Six Dangerous Questions…to transform your view of the world by Paul Borthwick (this was like a green smoothie with lots of extra veggies—it was soooo good for me!)  I would recommend this book if you want to truly know what you believe.  Here’s a quote for you to chew on (since we are using the food analogy) while you are doing your blog roll reading. Bon appetit!  

“To know a truth is to act on that truth, and to fail to act is to demonstrate a failure of knowledge.  Truth must be rescued from its arid isolation in propositional theology, and must be transferred to the arena of everyday living.”

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