Monday, July 25, 2011

‘member that time?

Member that time in first grade in Mrs. Schaller’s class when we got to wear a different color of clothes to school every day?  and member how I only had one brown dress and I wore it on “brown” day?  Then member at recess when that really fat kid wanted to teeter totter with me and he was too heavy and my side of the teeter totter went flying up so fast that I fell off the end and I was hanging by my brown dress? 

Well, not only was that super embarrassing, but my only brown dress ripped right down the center and the nurse tried to fix it with safety pins.  Since everybody could still see my underwear through the safety pinned opening, the nurse-turned-seamstress eventually took me to my house and I changed into a boring blue dress—with shorts underneath—just in case.

And when I got back to school, everybody else was still wearing brown.

The humiliation was nearly unbearable.


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