Thursday, May 5, 2011

And the Answer is…

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

1 Peter 3:15

Last week at family breakfast (which we have every Wednesday because it is a late-start day for the kids), Brent told the kids a story about a question he was asked recently.  A business associate had seen an article about Brent and me in our church’s Intersect magazine.  Amazed at what he read, this man asked Brent, “You don’t really believe all of the God stuff you say in there, do you?” And in that instant, Brent had to give an answer—a quick but clear answer—to this searching soul.  Brent’s confidence in Christ and what Christ had done in his life gave him the clarity necessary to say, “I most certainly DO believe it and here’s why…”

After sharing this experience, Brent role-played with each of the kids so that they had to share their faith quickly, succinctly-- off-the-cuff.  We were disappointed in their shaky, clumsy attempts at defending their faith, and we realized that they had really never thought through the reasons for the Hope that they held within. So, we decided to do something…and they got an assignment for next week’s family breakfast:  Each child had to look up the above verse in 1 Peter, decide why they believed in Jesus, and explain how they were different now that they knew Him—all in a clear, minute long answer. 

After a week, a little time to think, and a little study, the kids gave their “reports” and we were much more pleased with their responses. Cole’s is below and Shay’s and Tess’ will follow later this week. 

Now, though they are still in process like the rest of us, they are much more prepared to “give an answer to everyone who asks them the reason for the hope that they have.”

Are you?


Cole’s Defense

Yes, I really DO believe in that [God stuff].  God is my Savior and my Friend. 

God has changed me in many ways; He has given me no desire to disobey what a teacher says, or to swear, to listen to music that I shouldn’t be listening to, or look at pictures that I shouldn’t be looking at.  He has made me not want to do those things.

God has also changed my mind and how I think.  He is teaching me about how not to look at girls, how to be humble, and how to love people who are mean to me.

God is my Lord and my Savior, who sent his Son to die on the cross, and yes, I give my whole life to Him.


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  1. Boy has this made me think! Thanks for that. I'm calling this my "30 second elevator speech" because of too many years in the office... But that aside I am kind of happy with the ending portion of my talk but need to get the beginning part better. Lots to ponder - especially since some of my FB friends are unbelievers and I want to be ready should any of them ask... Thanks!!