Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amish Addition

Here’s a little math problem for you.  Get a pencil.  And you might need to draw a diagram as well.

A.  If one (1) friend gives you Amish Friendship Bread starter in a Ziploc and you feed it and mush it and babysit it for ten (10) days …

B.  Then if you separate that starter into five (5) different starter Ziplocs but neglect to give any of of it to your friends because you know that they are busy with graduation parties, track meets, and mowing their lawns and none of them are Amish anyway…

C.  And if you bake two (2) loaves from one (1) of starters, but keep the other four (4) bags of starter on your countertop and feed them and mush them and care for them for ten (10) days because you feel guilty about throwing them away even though they make your life stressful…

D.  Then in ten (10) more days if you decide to just stop the cycle of friendship and you go ahead and separate each of the four (4) bags into five (5) starter Ziplocs and each of these starter sets makes two (2) loaves, and if you already have two (2) loaves frozen in the freezer from your first starter, how many cuts would it take to slash all four (4) tires of the car of the person who gave you the Amish Friendship Bread starter? 


ANSWER:  I’m not sure, but I think it might take about thirty-eight (38) less cuts (meaning four (4) really good gashes!) than the forty-two (42) loaves of Amish Enemy Bread that you have in your freezer.

How’s my math? 

Wanna come for brunch?

Or do you need to fix your car?


  1. In my vocab- Amish "Friendship" bread is not extending friendship at all- more like a curse. :)

  2. I agree with Mindy. I have told my friends, that the only friendship bread I would accept is a fully cooked loaf. I would happily accept a batch of cookie dough, however. It never makes it to the oven at our house anyway.