Friday, March 25, 2011

Help Wanted

My dog carried a deer head into my yard yesterday.

What is one to do with the decapitated head of a deer staring into space on the lawn?

I’m not planning to go out and move it.

And it’s just too big to mow over (ewwwww).

And Neo doesn’t seem especially interested in eating it.

It’s grossing my daughters out, but Cole thinks it’s kinda cool. (I’ll bet Luke is going to be bummed he missed it)

Brent says it looks like Bambi, but he has never even seen Bambi, so how would he know.

He (Neo, not Brent) has been eating the rest of the deer, leg by leg, (sharing it with his mother, next door) for the last week or so, but he has hidden those massive bones elsewhere (for gnawing upon later).

I think he views the head of the deer as the final trophy of his conquest, and I’m quite sure he plans to leave it right were it is.

So…if you have any ideas for displaying rotting animal heads (Lord of the Flies concepts will be automatically disqualified), are a really good taxidermist, or have any ingenious inventions to help me GET IT OUT OF MY YARD, let me know.

In the meantime, it will just be laying there, waiting for you, staring up into my dining room window.

Thank you for your timely consideration to this matter.

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