Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Goal for 2010

Wow, I said I was going to post every day, or at least most days, but it has been at least three days since I last wrote. This "posting" is my way of making sure I write--often and spontaneously, my first goal for 2010. Now, I have developed another goal for the new year and it is this:

You know those people you see on a regular basis--like the Target check-out person or the guy who carries out your groceries at Fareway or the clerk who takes your gas money at Casey's? Well, I've decided to learn every one of their names this year and ask them questions about their lives. This is something I think Jesus would do--and probably did do. I want to do it too, since I have resolved to be absolutely and entirely His.

I was motivated to do this when my Dad introduced me to the girl who brought me my breakfast at Hy-Vee. He told me her name and shared with me that she had a little boy. I said "Hi _______ (I can't remember her name, but I will learn it!). How old is your little boy?" She beamed with pride as she told me about her 7 month old sweetheart. And I got to thinking...It is very pleasant to be connected. Connected with those people you see everyday, but don't know. It feels good to know people and to get involved in their lives. I tend to be a little shy and to myself around those that aren't friends. My Dad showed me that I can make a lot more friends by just stepping slightly outside of my comfort zone. So I will. Even though it scares me. God help me. Thanks Dad!

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."
Philippians 4:13

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