Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bathing the Beast

This is Neo.

Neo is always very sad when he has to take a shower.

Neo hates showers.

Neo pretty much hates water in general...especially if it is soapy and spraying directly on his back.

Neo thinks that the closer he stands to the shower door, the closer he is to freedom.

Neo is wrong.

Neo leaves lots of dirty hair in the shower when he has a bath.

Cleaning Neo's hair out of the drain is very gross.

Obviously, Neo has more hair than I do.  This makes me sad.

Neo looks beautiful after his bath, but he is still very sad.

Neo must stay in the bathroom until he is mostly dry because Neo likes to shake his wet fur all over everything.  This is not acceptable anywhere but the bathroom.

Neo still smells like a wet dog even when he is clean.  I am always glad when Neo is dry.

Once I tried to dry Neo with the hair dryer but Neo freaked out and I thought he was going to have an asthma attack so I stopped and let him dry naturally.  Poor poor Neo.

Neo gets to stay indoors on his bath days when it is cold outside.  Normally he loves to be indoors, but baths make him so sad that he is not cheerful (as you can see in this picture). 

Neo is not a very willing participant on bath day and I have to actually get in the shower to clean him and shove him into the water stream.  This is not my favorite thing.  After I am done washing him, I have to take a shower because I also smell like a dirty dog. And then I have to take a nap because it takes lots of muscles to bathe an overweight canine.

Neo feels humiliated by baths which is why I did not tell him that I was writing a blog on the subject.  I would appreciate if you would not mention it to him. 

Soon Neo will need another bath and he will hate it just as much, but not as much as our cat.  You can read about that here.  

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

The end.

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