Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last week’s lowdown

It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog because my normal life has gotten in the way.  Here’s what’s been going on at the Haverkamps:

Last week Monday, I decided it was high time I get my lazy self out on the road again after taking a few days off of running (since I ran the Des Moines half marathon the previous Sunday), and so after donning my brand new race shirt and some stretchy capris, I went out for a run and came home frozen.  Last Monday morning it was 30 degrees.  And 30 degrees is really cold when you are only wearing 2 layers of polyester. I ran really fast so I could get home and take a hot shower which I couldn’t even stand in until I warmed up because I felt like it was burning my skin off. 

Last week Tuesday, we had some guys come and install more insulation in our attic so we could keep our house toasty warm this winter.  And it probably would be toasty warm now if they hadn’t stepped through the dry wall when they were tromping through  my attic like a herd of Rhinoceroses.  So now I have a huge hole in my ceiling letting all the warm air out and all the dust and paint and ceiling pieces in and it is all very messy.  I don’t like messes.  Have I ever told you that?  Messes make me very unhappy—especially when they occur right before my connection group arrives.

Last week Wednesday was a very sad day for me because it was Halloween and I had no trick or treaters.  Not only did I have no trick or treaters, no one even came to our house for trick or treating and I had to make Shay hide the candy so I wouldn’t eat it.  And not only did I have no trick or treaters and no trick or treaters came to my house, my neighborhood did not take our 12-years-running annual picture of all the kids dressed up, because lots of the kids have grown up and moved away and the rest think they are too old for such childishness. It was all very depressing. But on a positive note, on that same depressing Wednesday, I did get to visit some of those children who have moved away when we saw Luke and Tess in Iowa City. As we arrived at Tess’ dorm room, I noticed that she had 4 pineapples in her kitchen.  So I said, “Hey, what’s the deal with the pineapples?”  And she said that since they were only $.99, she and her roommate, Dakota, had decided to buy several.  And, she added, they were planning to go back tomorrow and buy 4 more…each…because 4 is the amount that fits in each of their backpacks and that is important when you ride a bike to the grocery store.  So, when I talked to Tess yesterday, she said that at that moment, she and Dakota had 12 pineapples in their kitchen, waiting to be cut up and frozen for smoothies—green smoothies to be exact—which you can read about here.  

Last week Thursday, I started boot camp again—which I love.  Thursday was a good day and I even got a 20 minute nap.

Last week Friday, I decided to be super healthy and make black bean burgers for supper, but I had a moment of panic when the bean-slop stuck to my fingers and the pan, but eventually, after throwing out the first 3 burgers, I was able to produce something remotely akin to a black bean burger, and we ate them on buns with avocado and tomatoes and spicy mustard and Brent pretended that they were good.  

Last week Saturday, I had to plan a Sunday school lesson about Ehud who stabbed a very fat king, Eglon, whose fat engulfed the sword and whose intestines burst from the attack; not a super easy, nor child-friendly lesson, while my children both knitted scarves and watched The Sound of Music in the background.

And that brings us to today.  Today, Shay woke up with her forehead swollen so much that her eye was swollen shut, so I rushed her to the emergency room, where they told us it was cellulitis and gave us drugs—which she took and continues to take because she still looks slightly misshapen with the whole creepy eye thing and all, and then we got ourselves together and went to church where she was embarrassed and swollen, and I where I taught about the fat king. 

And there’s everything you didn’t really want to know about life on the ranch, with more pity-producing details than you could ever hope for. 

But I’m still OK.

And God is still good.

And next week is bound to be spectacular, don’t you think?


This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

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