Friday, February 24, 2012

Why don’t we?

It’s time for another Why don’t we?  Actually, it was time yesterday, but I didn’t get it done and I figure that this is a leap year anyway so I have a free day to use as I want.  Right?

I have two questions this week and since I don’t think about my responses to those questions until I sit down here to type, let’s see what comes out of my fingertips today.  Here goes…

Confused and also in Huxley writes:

(In response to last week’s article) Is the whole yesteryear thing also why the postal service keeps increasing postage rates?”

Actually, Confused, I think you are confused, because if the USPS wanted to keep their postal rates in tune with their whole yesteryear image, they would reduce the cost and put old presidents on them. Instead, we mail our letters with sticker stamps of Pixar movies characters, or famous paintings, or Bonsai trees, or fuzzy animals, which I think are all way cuter than any of the old presidents that I can remember with the exception, maybe, of Abraham Lincoln.  So, I guess I would say they’re going great guns on catching up with the modern area in the stamp thing, but a little slower with the transportation thing…at least in Iowa…where we don’t have hydroplanes.

And for my next question;  Barbie and Ken from Ames (real live people, not from Mattel, and having nothing at all to do with Barbie Riding Club), write:

“Why aren't men Gentlemanly any more? Helping females (and especially spouses) with the door, packages (grocery bags) gardening, diapers, laundry, etc., etc.? Is it the NFL or laziness?”

Hmmm.  Now that’s a thinker. I don’t believe that football games or laziness are causing America’s men to shrug off their chivalrous duties.  I think that American women are just in a hurry and that the men are just too slow to catch them.  I know that when I was little my mom walked so fast that I had to jog beside her to keep up; why do you think I became a runner?  And I think maybe they would love to hold the door open for said women, but by the time they reach the threshold, the racing female has already gone in and out…on to her next task.  As far as carrying the packages, and doing gardening, diapers, and laundry, maybe they are just afraid they will do it wrong and that then they will be in more trouble—just for snapping the onesie on the outside of the outfit, or folding the T-shirts with a crease down the middle.  We, females, are a persnickety bunch, you know, and I think our men would be willing to assist us if we celebrated rather than criticized. 

And crying helps too.  You might try that. Even though most men don’t carry hankies anymore, they will probably offer to get you a Kleenex…and then maybe they will offer to throw the used one away—now that is the mark of a true gentleman.


OK. I did them both.  Now send me more of your questions so I can answer them with all the grey matter my brain can muster up.  Go!

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  1. I have a question for you. Why did the matronly lady at Kohls seem so appalled that my son was in full out superhero attire? Does she not understand the value of superheros in our lives? And would it have been appropriate to smack her? Cuz that's what I wanted to do.