Monday, January 16, 2012

‘member that time?

I meant to post this ‘member that time? last week to embarrass honor my dad on his birthday (which was on January 8th), but inertia set in and nothing happened.  So, here it is, a week late. 

Happy Birthday Dad!

‘member that time when we lived on the acreage in Albia and Dad was trying to train our dog, Sidney, to stay on our land?  And how he lay in the ditch alongside our lane with some rolled up newspaper and a spray bottle waiting for Sidney to wander?  Because when that happened, he would spray the dog in the face and beat it with newspaper to create a negative consequence.  Member that?

And then member how Teri’s boyfriend came out to the house--in his car—by way of the lane--and asked her, “Why is your dad laying in the ditch?”  And how Teri said, “He just likes to do that sometimes” and how we all laughed and laughed? 

Yeah, well those were the good old days, when we all had time to lay in ditches and beat our dogs. 

(I’ll bet you can’t wait for Father’s Day when I tell y’all the story of how my dad chased off some would-be suitors by wearing his big puffy coat whilst holding a shotgun!  True story!)


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