Friday, May 28, 2010

May Madness

No, I haven't disappeared. But I have been REALLY busy with concerts, concerts, and more concerts, track banquets, senior banquets, scholarship banquets, baccalaureate, getting ready for Luke's open house, hosting Luke's open house, cleaning up from Luke's open house, attending other grad parties, helping with other grad parties, finding an orange tie for Luke for graduation, graduation itself, track meets, making breakfast burritos for the shuttle hurdle team, making cookies for the shuttle hurdle team, buying gummy bears for the shuttle hurdle team, 3 days of state track, mission trip meetings, church camp meetings, Rosebud meetings, excruciatingly hot all-day field trips with Cole, encouraging Luke to write Graduation Thank You's, feeding and watering a friend's very stinky chickens and shredding newspaper to put in their coop, getting Luke immunized for his China trip, helping Luke get ready for his Chicago trip, helping Luke get ready for his "Man Trip" to Colorado to go hiking (this happens less than 12 hours after he returns home from Chicago), watering and trying to save my new landscaping, going on a mother/daughter hike at Ledges with Shay, finishing 5 days of Bible Study in one sitting, doing laundry from guests, doing laundry for my family, washing and hanging out sheets, then re-making the beds--nice and tight, so that my girls can feel like burrito babies when they sleep, moving my niece out of her dorm, attending the neighbor girl's wedding, collecting and purging all the clutter from my house for the church garage sale, cleaning my very messy house every Monday, running multiple miles with Tess to prepare for our upcoming Dam to Dam 20K, de-worming the cat, de-ticking the dog, going on constant grocery shopping trips for my family, trying to prepare creative meals from the leftovers from the meal I prepared last night, going to the eye doctor, going to the chiropracter, going to get a massage :), preparing for our Memorial Day work weekend at the Lake, buying new flip flops for the girls so they will stop stealing mine, and making muffins for family breakfast! (Plus, I have been reading the fiction stories out of the New Yorkers that Luke brought home for me from his school Library. He bought them each for 10 cents. I feel so loved).

I realize that the second sentence of this essay has numerous commas and may be a run-on--just like my life right now. Anyway, that's May Madness. I hope you will excuse my post-less few weeks. I promise I will return with even greater wisdom come June--or maybe just the ability to breath again--which ever comes first.

Now, however, for some reason, I feel exhausted. Good Night!

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

John 14:27

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  1. I wondered where you were...except I was pretty sure that I knew what was taking up all your time. I was right. : ) Hang in there! Enjoy the 3day weekend.