Monday, March 5, 2012

‘member that time?

‘Member that time when Brent and I were first married and we would go for walks on a path by the horse pasture?  And member how one time I wanted to take apples to feed the horses, so I cut up big slices and carried them in a little bag?  And member how, when we got to the horses, one big brown horse smelled the apples and came trotting up to me, and when his big hairy horse mouth got close to my hand, I panicked and the apple slice got stuck in his nostril?  And member how he ran away as fast as he could with the apple sticking out of his nose?  member that? 

Yeah, well, I felt guilty for awhile about that, and I was a little afraid I might get indicted for animal abuse by the campus police except they never found me and I never fessed up.

I hope the apple horse had a really good horse friend that offered to eat the stuck slice out of his nose because it would be a bummer to only have the use of one nostril and/or smell rotten apples for the rest of your life.

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