Sunday, July 29, 2012


My family just returned from our lake house this morning so that my daughters could get home in time to be counselors for our church’s kids camp this week.  We left on Wednesday of last week so we could get our fill of surf and sun.  Here are some things that happened during our time away which I thought to be strange: 

  • On Wednesday evening, when we arrived, I had to mediate an argument between my 14 year old son and my almost 19 year old daughter; they were fighting over who got to use the Pound Puppy pillowcase (obviously a hot item—found only at the lake house) on their pillow.  Really.
  • On Thursday evening, I heard a great thud in the basement of the lake house and found six foot tall Shay laying on the floor with her legs stuck in the baby exersaucer (we share the house with two other families, some of whom have grandchildren).  I soooo wish I had a picture of this, but I was laughing so hard I forgot to take one.  When I asked her what she was doing, she said she just wanted to see if she fit.  Really. 

         For the curious among you, an exersaucer looks like this:


And for the even more curious, Shay looks like this: (does she look like she would fit?)



  • Then, on Friday, as I was attempting to re-learn how to slalom (since I sprained my ankle last summer and didn’t ski all season), and had just gotten up out of the water, I looked to the shoreline and I saw this:

(Now please be gracious with me.  This is just a rendering of what I saw.  I have no fancy computer programs and I had to draw it on Microsoft Paint.  I realize it is rough, but I looked it up on the web and found no images of what I witnessed.)


If you will notice above, you will see a boy on a 4 wheeler, with two long poles attached, one to either side of the vehicle.  On each of this poles were three dogs attached by leashes.  All six of these dogs were apparently going on a mandatory walk with all of its friends and the whole group was having a mandatory drink session in the lake.  I guess this guy had six dogs and decided to create a multi-dog exercising/watering device.  Really.

I wondered what would happen if one of the dog friends accidently tripped…and I pictured the tripping dog getting drug along with all of its friends even though it wasn’t really running/walking anymore.  It was funny and sad all at the same time.  And I was skiing on one ski the entire time I witnessed this. And I was yelling and pointing the whole thing out to my family. Talented aren’t I? 

  • And if that all wasn’t exciting enough, on Saturday night, when we went out for ice cream at the local Conoco gas station to celebrate my upcoming birthday (we are extravagant), we saw a reindeer.  Really.  I am not joking.  We saw a real live reindeer in Corydon, Iowa.  It was hanging out behind the cemetery that we drove through as we ate our ice cream (and we are exciting).  I’m not sure why Corydon, Iowa is hiding reindeer behind its cemetery, but we saw an entire family and the dad looked like this (this time I actually took a snapshot). 


  • And that about sums it up.  Really.  Bet you can’t top it. 

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