Monday, June 13, 2011

‘member that time?

This ‘member that time is dedicated to my sister on her birthday!   Teri, as a thank you for helping me resurrect this repressed memory, a case of Blueberry Delight should be arriving at your doorstep any day.

‘member that time in Clinton when Dad decided that we were eating too many snacks after school?  And member how he made Mom buy a bunch of jars of baby food for us to snack on instead?  And member how we all wanted to eat the Peach Cobbler first because it was super good and everything else was sickening?  Yeah, well, the cupboard was high and I was short, and my sisters were fast and tall, so mostly I got stuck with the jarred Rice Pudding. Member that?  Yeah, me too. 


What was the deal with that anyway? 


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