Monday, June 6, 2011

‘member that time?

Every good American family should go to the Black Hills in South Dakota at least once in their lives.  As a kid, my family decided to visit that area just a little while after the famous “Battle at Wounded Knee” incident.  Fun times!

‘member that time we were on vacation in South Dakota and we chose to go there during the time when all the Indians were revolting? And member how we stayed in Pierre overnight and Dad put a chair in front of the door and he put his knife between the door and the jamb so no one could get in and kill us? Member that?

I didn’t sleep very well that night.

And Wall Drug wasn’t all that fun either.

Except for the candy.  the candy was great there. and expensive.

It’s ‘member that time Monday again!  Get over to and share how you kept your family alive on vacation!

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