Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I know it’s been like a million years since I posted some original thoughts on here, but the minute we came back from our RV adventure, I went to work.  at my new job.  at the church.  and I haven’t worked outside my home, in a real job, in like 16 years or so.  And I still haven’t gotten caught up on my normal life since I was gone two weeks visiting the frozen desert.  So, anyway, it’s been an adjustment, and sorry to say, the blog has not received priority. probably because I am writing a lot at work.  and for another blog.  and probably because I still have all four children home (yes, the college chillins’ are still here because their winter break is 5 weeks long!!!) and four big children eat lots of food. which means lots of trips to Sam’s Club and Fareway and such.  But, I really like to write.  And I especially like writing on this blog.  So, I promise I will sit down tonight and write a long and happy story about our Christmas trip, Ok?  OK.  Prepare to be amazed and alarmed and entertained all at the same time.  and to pique your interest, I will leave you with a really flattering picture of me trying to stay warm while my son made a fire so I wouldn’t die of hypothermia.  I was on death’s doorstep here.  But also, I think I look like a nun.  What do you think?            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RVenture 327

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