Monday, February 13, 2012

‘member that time?

‘Member that time when I was little and we went to an airport and my sisters and I got to sit in little chairs with TV’s attached to them?  And remember how thrilling that was—to watch a mini TV in a chair in a place that wasn’t your house?  And member how we used to build little lego cars and pretend to put a TV in the car?--which was very fanciful because we knew that would never happen.  And member, too, how the Jetson’s could talk to people on the phone and see them at the same time?  Whoa, now that was super futuristic and cool.

Guess what guys?  It’s no big deal now to carry your own device into the airport and watch movies while you’re waiting for your flight—and on your flight for that matter.  And you can watch that same movie when you are riding in your car from your own car’s DVD player!  And also, you can do something called Skype and you can see who you are talking to on the phone—or the computer!!

So, I guess that means that the airport chair TV thingee isn’t nearly as cool now. 

And I guess it also means that we have officially entered the future. 

And that I am officially old. 

And that most of you reading this don’t even know who Astro is.

Look it up on your iphone 4.  Or your Ipad.  Or your laptop.  Or the encyclopedia, if you know what that is.


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