Thursday, February 10, 2011


Writing is fun for me because when I sit down to type, I almost never know what the finished product will look like. It’s as if the ideas flow from my brain and out to my fingers. If any of you have ever played the piano and learned certain pieces well, you may have had the experience of sitting down to play, not really remembering the notes, but as your hands touch the keyboard, the music flows out of its own accord. Just placing your hands down on the ivory sets that muscle memory/neuron synapses thing going, and you are able to play what you thought you had forgotten. It’s a pretty cool phenomenon.

Well, that’s kind of how writing is for me. That’s also why it’s necessary for me to discipline myself to do it. I almost always have ideas (with the exception of the unusual famine time I recently experienced), and if I sit down and put my hands to the plastic (not nearly as nice of synonym as “ivory”), or to the pen, words emerge. I usually have some idea where my pieces are going, but it is fun to see where they end up if I let my fingers do the walking.

I suppose it is kind of like baking too. When I bake, I know what kind of product I am intending to create. I even know what ingredients I should use. I can follow a recipe if I want to, but I often don’t. I kind of know how I would like my creation to taste, but the end result is unknown until the product emerges from the oven. And like the scent of baking bread, carefully placed words in a well written piece give off a sweet aroma to my brain, beckoning me to keep writing.

Weird, I know, but that’s actually a fairly accurate description of my love affair with the written word. So…here goes another “loaf”. I hope it’s a hearty one with lots of oomph. Taste and see some made-from-scratch "brain-food" . I hope it gives you something to chew on!

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