Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures on I-80

A funny thing happened as Tess and I were traveling from Iowa City en route to Ames yesterday.  Actually, it was more weird than funny…see what you think.

As we were attempting to pass a slower moving pick-up/pull-behind camper combo in the fast lane of I-80 West, here is what we saw:


Now, a motley looking Australian Shepherd would not normally be alarming, but here is where we saw him:


We did not see this barking, snarling creature IN the pickup, nor did we see him baring his sharp teeth from in the confines of the camper.  No, as we drove by, this alpha dog, standing on all fours on the little space between the camper and the cab—on top of the cab cover—was barking his little heart out while trying very hard to keep his balance on a vehicle going near 70 MPH.  He did not seem to be secured in any way, and one wrong move would have sent his yapping little body flying wildly into unsuspecting traffic.  I wondered if his owners were trying to kill him or if they were just unaware that their beloved pet had escaped to what amounted as the ‘roof” of the pick up cab.  I, however, was glad that he was either 1) glued down with gorilla glue on one or more paws, or 2) had suction cups on his feet like a frog.  Maybe he was a frog dog and that’s why they didn’t want him anymore.  Anyway, I was glad he didn’t splat on my windshield because he looked pretty mad and I think he would have probably obstructed my view for the rest of the trip.

So, what should this little story teach us?  We should never take our Australian Shepherds camping with us when they 1) don’t have a seat in the vehicle, 2) when they are excessively angry, or 3) when they don’t have suction cup feet. 

And that’s your lesson for the day.

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