Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Beginning

Hey Y’all ! (That’s for you, Bruce)

Well, we didn’t have snow day on Tuesday, but we did have a late start, which is kind of a treat—not quite as luscious as a full day off, but still yummy.

So, I’ve been kind of stressing about my blog lately.  If you haven’t noticed, new posts—written by me—have been lacking. I don’t know why my creativity is hiding, but I have some ideas:

It could be that I don’t stay up late in those creative, quiet night time hours anymore-- And the reason for my early bedtime is my early arising (4:20 am) for boot camp at 5 in the morning.  Boot camp is great, but it makes me eat like a man.

It could be that my quiet times in the Word have not been very quiet or introspective lately. Luke is still on break and the girls have been home at odd times because of finals at AHS.  Only Cole has attending school regularly.  My routine has not become routine yet in 2011.

It could be because I haven’t been reading very many good books lately.  Sometimes good books really help me to put meat on the things that God is teaching me in the Bible.  I have read The Wind the Willows and Of Mice and Men in the last few weeks, but those don’t count because they were just for fun.

I don’t know.

Regardless of the reason, my desert (not dessert—that would probably make me feel better) is kinda bringing me down.  And I was thinking, “God, I started this blog as a way to teach others what you have taught me, and now I’m not helping anyone.” 

And then, just after I was lamenting these very things to a friend, God prompted my cousin to call me. And encourage me. And to say that the blog was ministering to him.  He said that his word for 2011 was “REACT”.  When he heard God telling him something, he said he was going to react by doing it right away.  Well, he reacted when prompted…and I was blessed—so blessed.  Thanks, Bruce.

Now, that, my friends, is the sweetness of God.  God chose to encourage me when I was feeling down just because HE loves me.  He chose to show me that He could teach and minister to people through my blog when I wasn’t especially purposeful or even present.  He can work when I cannot .  He wants to love me up just ‘cause I’m His child.  So cool.  So sweet.  So God.

So there it is—a blog post—written and completed.  Maybe not my most beautiful, but it’s a start—a new beginning.  And it feels good.

Praise God.

 He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Revelation 22:13

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  1. SO you know how moms with little kids hardly even get to read, much less finish a book. Well I just finished one! It was so good I just couldn't put it down! I even stayed up until 2am one morning reading. Mary Beth Chapman's "Choosing to SEE." It's great! I got it for Christmas. You should barrow it!